FK220 – BN Series Filter Kit

BN Series Bandpass Filters are Designed with a Reduced Bandwidth for Further Spectral Separation.

FK220 – BN Series Filter Kit

The NEW BN Series FK220-27 comes with the 10 most recommend VIS and NIR Machine Vision Filters. It offers bandpass filters with a reduced bandwidth – useful for outdoor applications or situations with extreme ambient light conditions for further separation of wavelengths. This compact test kit is an excellent resource for testing and evaluating image quality.

This Filter Kit allows you to: test before investing in hardware, control the variability of ambient light, evaluate glare reduction and solve applications quickly.

Kit Includes
• 27mm threaded mount filters
• Step adapters to fit most m25.5 and M30.5 lenses
• PS030 – Ultra High Contrast Polarizing Film for the light source
• Educational material on optical filters and technical specs for each filters
• BN470-27 Narrow Blue Bandpass
• BN532-27 Narrow Green Bandpass
• BN595-27 Narrow Orange Bandpass
• BN630-27 Narrow Light Red Bandpass
• BN660-27 Narrow Dark Red Bandpass
• BN740-27 Narrow Near-IR Bandpass
• BN810-27 Narrow Near-IR Bandpass
• BN850-27 Narrow Near-IR Bandpass
• BN940-27 Narrow Near-IR Bandpass
• PR032-27 Linear Polarizer
• PS030 Ultra High Contrast Polarizing Film
• SU25.5-27 Step-Up Adapter
• SD30.5-27 Step-Down Adapter

Datasheet FK220

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