FL Series Two New Lenses

Ricoh Industrial Solutions Inc. has introduced in January 2015 two new manual iris lenses compatible with 1" format cameras up to 9 megapixels. These new flagship lenses are a great addition to the existing products of the RICOH FL Series and can be used to process images for a wide range of applications including electronic substrates.

PDM Series - Combined Lighting

Despite their 9 megapixel high resolution, these new lenses have a φ42mm compact design. Troublesome lens distortions during image measurement and recognition have been significantly reduced, enabling capture of high resolution images right up to the periphery. These lenses will exhibit excellent performance in capturing precision machining products such as electronic substrates and wafers, requiring high resolution lens solutions.

One of the key features of the two new RICOH FL Series FA Lenses are high resolution and high contrast at 9 megapixels. From the centre to the periphery, the lenses have a high resolution of 135 lp/mm. Due to minimal degradation of resolution right up to the periphery they produce sharp, high contrast images. Therefore, even images on the periphery can be suitable for measurement and inspection. Their focusing uses a floating mechanism design which reduces aberrations from an infinite to close working distance.

Another benefit is the φ42mm compact design to fit in a 44mm housing used for most 9 megapixel cameras. The compact design is ideal for installation in high performance equipment. Also the lenses have low distortion so image measurement and recognition have been reduced. Troublesome lens distortions TV distortion is reduced to less than 0.1%, with very little image distortion, making them ideal for image measurement.

Datasheet FL-BC7528-9M Datasheet FL-BC5024-9M

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