LNSD Series – Versatile Light Unit of High Luminance and High Uniformity

Easy to set up with a Line camera
The wide and uniform emitting surface facilitates the positioning of the camera. You can improve the efficiency of the setting work.

LNSD Series – Versatile Light Unit of High Luminance and High Uniformity

Compact and lightweight
Space-saving 30-mm width, compact design and a Lightweight of 200 g. for a 100-mm model.

No need for replacement for 5 years
Expected life time: 50,000 hours. No need for replacement until the inspection for the Line equipment in its 5th year.

Stable quality even in a harsh environment
Heat resistant design for a high temperature environment. Optimized case design for heat dissipation, heat resistant cable and diffusion plate and other components for thorough resistance.

Abundant lineup, total of 180 models
Two types: High luminance and high uniformity. Three colors: White, red, and blue. Length of 100 to 3,000 mm.

Inspection Applications
• Dents, foreign substances, and fish-eye holes on transparent film
• Blots, unevenness, and scratches on metallic foil
• Oil spots, holes, and edge breaking on paper
• Blots, mixing of hairs, and crude density on non-woven fabric

Optimum for replacing your fluorescent lights
• It has excellent brightness and the same uniformity as a fluorescent light
• Great for replacing fluorescent lights due to the equal size
• Cost-reducing
• Supports 1,600 to 2,400 mm length as with the fluorescent light

Datasheet LNSD series

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