One of the new product lines of CCS Europe is the PDM series. This series combines three different lighting types, namely dome lighting, low-angle lighting, and coaxial lighting. Because each type of lighting is individually adjustable, the PDM series is able to provide you with optimal lighting at any time. These dome light units achieve completely shadow-free light because of the combination of the three lights. It illuminates the entire surface of the curved glossy work piece with high uniformity diffused light.

PDM Series - Combined Lighting

We would like to explain how the PDM series works: thanks to the low angle ring light engraved codes can be made visible. But if you have a code engraved in plastic there will arise much reflection and relief, this will be removed by the dome light. However, arises on the dome lights a dull spot in the middle because of the hole for the camera. This is taken away by the co-axial portion of the PDM.

The PDM is mainly used for reading codes or texts on reflective or uneven surfaces. Because of the small field of view you have with this light, it only comes to applications where a small area has to be read. The big advantage is that every part of the PDM can be set up separately, so the dome can for example be adjusted more intense than the other parts of the PDM through the three separate connectors.

Download sheet: Datasheet_PDM_Series

Our customers

MC-S, integrator/distributor of special (high speed) camera systems in the Benelux, we like to work alongside with Vision Light Tech. They giving us the opportunity to offer customers solutions when it comes to Lenses, Lighting and filters. Solutions, which can be extensively tested in their Vision Lab, allowing us to easily deliver a proof-of-concept, or create a live test setup. The collaboration, expertise and openness of the people at VLT certainly help too. They, like us, will search and test until a solution is found. Being able to use their demo equipment, not only in the Vision Lab, but also at the customer's location, gives me the tools to offer the best possible solution, of which the user can be sure that it fits his needs. MC-S High Speed Camera’s, Dhr. Arjen Santhuizen


Today one of my favourite renewed websites is visionlighttech.com. Machine Vision can be very challenging at times and this site provides all products together in a clear overview, which is very beneficial for my search for the right product. Additionally, Vision Light Tech offers the possibility to ‘meet their Vision Expert’. Having access to their expertise and insight helps to shed new light on the matter. A visit to their Vision Lab will probably be the next step! Regarding the products, you can choose the categories by easily clicking on the corresponding subject which makes the website very easy to navigate. Another good feature is the availability of datasheets which are attached to every product separately and for any other questions you can get in contact the way you prefer, by e-mail, phone or submit your inquiry via the website. To sum up, I think this is an excellent website if you quickly want to scale up or you want to improve your Vision Solution. You should check it out! Pascal Schoenmakers, DVC Machinevision BV


Vision Light Tech is Panasonic's partner in the field of optics, illumination and related products for our vision system solutions. Short communication lines, excellent knowledge and fast turnaround times, a very pleasant partner to work with! Dhr. Ronald van Seters, Panasonic Electric Works Sales Western Europe B.V.